Lettere da Triggiano

Actor,2Soprano,2Mezzo-Soprano/ Fl,Ob,Cl,Bsn/ Perc/ Vl,Vla,Vcl,Cb

Approx. 30 minutes


A very personal work, based on letters written to the composer's grandmother in Los Angeles by her sister-in-law in Triggiano, Italy between 1948 and 1951. The work deals with loss, distance, and the personal challenges of immigration.

This work is under revision and will be available for purchase and viewing soon.

If the instrumentation or voice type of this work isn’t quite what you are looking for, let’s discuss the creation of a new version of this work that will meet your needs. You may be surprised at how easy this is to do. Contact me at [email protected]

Carmela and Family Edited