O Vos Omnes & Viderunt Omnes

SATB Chorus

Approx. 5 minutes


A set of two short works for SATB chorus, using latin religious texts.


O Vos Omnes
O vos omnes,
qui transitis per viam,
attendite et videte
si est dolor, sicut dolor meus.

O all you,
who pass along this way,
behold and see
if there is sorrow, like unto my sorrow.

Viderunt Omnes

Viderunt Omnes fines terrae salutare Dei nostri;
jubilate Deo, omnis terra.
Notum fecit Dominus salutare suum;
ante conspectum gentium revelavit justitiam suam.

All the ends of the earth have seen the salvation of our God;
Sing joyfully unto God, all the earth.
The lord has made known his salvation;
Before all nations he has revealed his justice.

Texts are in the public domain