Diddling: Considered as One of the Exact Sciences

Baritone Voice, Piano

Approx. 14 minutes


OK, to get the first part out of the way; let us go to dictionary.com:

did·dle –verb (used with object),-dled, -dling.
Informal. to cheat; swindle; hoax.

Edgar Allan Poe must have been cheated or swindled by someone good because only that can explain the existence of this angry little essay. In it he rails against the dark hearts of men who seek out to steal or cheat from others. If you’re getting some sort of double entendre from his now largely extinct use of the term diddling … well … you’ve got a dirty mind and I have no idea what you’re talking about.

"Man is an animal that diddles, and there is no animal that diddles but man. It will take an entire hen-coop of picked chickens to get over that."

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