The Business Cycle

Soprano, Piano

Approx. 12 minutes


  • 1. The Use of Information
  • 2. Essential Properties
  • 3. Seeing Reality
  • 4. Acceptance of the Mystery of Life
  • 5. Uncertainty
  • This piece was a birthday gift for my father, who has written several books about business. I chose to include texts from Russell Ackoff and Abraham Maslow, authors who have influenced dad’s work. In the process of working on this piece, it became clear to me, that there is an enormous amount of “philosophy” in the study of business that overlaps with an improved understanding of the bigger issues of life. I have always admired my father’s direct approach to the world, and hope to someday live up to Maslow’s “Acceptance of the Mysteries of Life” as well as he has.

    All texts are used with permission of the authors.

    If the instrumentation or voice type of this work isn’t quite what you are looking for, let’s discuss the creation of a new version of this work that will meet your needs. You may be surprised at how easy this is to do. Contact me at [email protected]